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  • What is Text Evidence?

    Text evidence is closely aligned to the traditional based evidence such as exams, assignments and portfolios.

    In many cases the assessment methods are very similar to traditional assessments. However, we are able to capitalise on the affordances of technology to create efficiencies for learning and teaching.

    Therefore when approaching the collection of text based evidence it is important to remember that good assessment is good assessment, bad assessment will only highlight it more.

  • Applications of Text Evidence

    Text evidence can include tools accessed from your LMS, including question banks (or a rapid e-learning tool that outputs quizzes), Written assessments uploaded as well as discussion forums and text chats.

    More innovative forms of text evidence can including, using phones for SMS, microblogging, content curation and social bookmarking.

    Text based evidence could also include collaborative learning opportunities by sharing. For example, allowing students to contribute to a forum or wiki, etc.